Corporate Challenge

The Corporate Challenge is an opportunity for business to participate in the Kelly Brush Ride, encourage comraiderie and community among their employees, and bring colleagues together to have fun and benefit a great local cause.

How it Works:

  • Employee/Employer forms a corporate team
  • Employer pays entry fee for each rider ($150)
  • Prizes awarded to:
    – Largest Team (both in total # and as % of total workforce)
    – Most Raised (both in total $ and $ per team member)

Why the Corporate Challenge?

  • Promote a culture of activity and wellness
  • Foster workplace camaraderie and community
  • Potential marketing and community goodwill
  • Compete with other employers for bragging rights
  • Support a great, local cause!

For more information, contact Elizabeth¬†by email¬†([email protected]) or call 802-846-5298.