In Kelly’s Words – “Ask Kelly” Q&A

Last week we held Inspire!Vermont and it was an amazing evening! It was a great group of people in the room, a lot of people we know and many new faces. For the presentation we did something a little bit different. Normally I prepare something to say, but this time we had people submit questions […]

In Kelly’s Words – Spring! The cure for cabin fever….

  I’ve recently felt like I’ve had cabin fever. As the weather warms up, all I want to do is get outside! That’s not to say I haven’t been active this winter, I’ve done a bunch of skiing, including my first real powder day since my injury just a few weekends ago (which was extremely […]

In Kelly’s Words – Skiing with Naomi (and flashbacks!)

  Learning how to monoski is really hard. It’s a completely different feeling than skiing standing up. All the little adjustments that you make from core, to hips, to thighs, to knees, to ankles, to the bottom of your foot—just inches off the snow—ends for me at my sternum.   A couple weeks ago we […]

In Kelly’s Words – I teach now?

  Last week I spoke to an undergraduate entrepreneurship class in Boston. Not because I have any educational or entrepreneurship skills (well, other than starting a foundation…), but because they’re looking into something that I live everyday.   The back-story: my mother-in-law, Mary, is a professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College. She is teaching a […]

In Kelly’s Words – A new sport (for me)!

  I find that I appreciate sports a lot more than I did before my injury. Which is saying a lot because my life before my injury was all sports: an NCAA ski racer; graduate of a ski academy; my mother was an Olympian; my father a former college football player and skier and then […]