Cochran’s Ski Club

About Cochran’s

Cochran's KBF SRSNAFounded – 1961

Location – Richmond, Vermont

Number of Racers – Over 150 racers in the ski club plus another 12 other clubs (with 20+ racers each) use the Cochran’s hill

KBF Grant – B-Netting and Safety Padding

What is unique or interesting about your program?  We make skiing and ski racing affordable for anybody. That’s what we’re all about. A number of kids come through our program and excel because of the philosophy and approach.

Why do you love ski racing?  It’s fun! And here, its about family. There is a lot of love and appreciation out there on the hill and a lot of fun in that ski club. We hold a “rope-a-thon” fundraiser every year where kids, parents and other skiers ski as many runs as possible in a 4-hour period. We had kids that did 70 to 80 runs, and they were ripping! At the top of the hill we had a campfire for hotdogs and s’mores. There isn’t another area where kids love skiing as much as ours.

What does the KBF mean to you? Because we are such a small community, not only by number of skiers but also financially, your support is incredibly important and meaningful. We see you as part of the family!