Content Submission

The growth and usefulness of the Active Project will depend on the SCI community helping us build and improve. If you have a piece of content you think would be great for the Active Project, please fill out the form below and attach the file. If you cannot get this to work, you can also email a link (Dropbox, Drive, ShareFile, etc.) to

Video Guidelines

We aren’t looking for high production quality (though we’ll take it), but we are trying to stick to a few basic guidelines to keep the quality of the content high. Videos will only be considered if they follow these guidelines:

  1. Shot horizontally
  2. Short – Keep it under 3 minutes as a general rule, but many videos should be much shorter.
  3. Not shaky – Use a stationary camera (tripod or resting on other surface; NOT held), except when trying to capture an action shot, panning, getting close up, or other purpose.
  4. Good audio –  Reduce white noise (wind, background noise, scratching, etc.) and make sure any talking is clear, but you don’t need to use any fancy audio equipment.

Content Submission

  • If you are proposing an update to an existing video, please also indicate why it needs updating.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 6 MB.
      Maximum Combined File Size - 50MB If your file is larger, please email a link to