All terrain chairs are a great way to get off the pavement and back into nature. Head out for a nice stroll over rolling hills, hike to Hollywood sign, hit up some rail trails, go to the beach, do some hunting or just get out for some fresh air. “For many, particularly those not drawn to team-based or competitive sports, hiking offers exercise, recreation, and an invaluable opportunity for socialization. It represents an ideal entry-point into accessibility” (GRIT Team).


When it comes to hiking or managing uneven terrain there are a few options available to customize your experience. There are attachments to put onto your everyday chair making it “off road” capable. Separate chairs all together; offering bigger tires and casters or introducing a longer wheelbase with one big wheel in the front or back (in place of two casters) with levers to make pushing more efficient. Or you can consider a total electric chair almost like a tank.

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Things to Know

  • AttachmentsThe Freewheel allows you to turn your everyday wheelchair into an all terrain chair.  Low price point and great way to start exploring.  Add some knobby tires to your chair as well and make it even more off road capable.
  • Rugged ATC – If your looking for a more rugged version style to your everyday chair capable of going hunting, getting around the farm, snow or beach, these are for you: Spartan Chair, Lasher Sport chairs
  • Levered ATCThe GRIT Freedom Chair uses a push lever design which takes less effort than pushing a standard wheelchair. The pushing motion is designed to give you a great low-impact workout. It’s great for getting you out there whether pursuing improved flexibility, heart health, spartan race or access to new terrain.  See also the Mountain Trike
  • Electric ATCThe Action Trackchair chair is fully electric and looks and works like a tank. Especially helpful for those higher level injuries where using your arms is just not an option.

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