Offroad Handcycling

Ditch the road and hit the dirt. Designed to tackle off-road conditions, these bikes allow the rider to access terrain including mountains, forest trails and the beach. Depending on your level of injury, there are various considerations. Choose your adventure.


Offroad handcycles are 3-wheeled mountain bikes, solving the issue of balance. These bikes usually come in two positions: prone (face first, chest down while also kneeling) and recumbent (sitting down with feet in front). The ideal position for you varies depending on the type of cycling you want to do and your level of injury. The prone position is appropriate for more aggressive riding and is often preferred by people with more trunk control. The recumbent position can still be aggressive but also offers a more comfortable position for those with higher levels of injury.

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Things to Know

  • Transferring – both prone and recumbent positions require different methods but one is not necessarily harder than the other.
  • Abdominal strength – if you have some abdominal and chest function, there are seating positions that can maximize those muscles (prone). If you have less, you may find the recumbent style is best suited for you.
  • Comfort – the most important. You may not need the most aggressive position, whatever you feel is the most efficient is the one for you.
  • Grip strength – for C-level quads, there are grips and even mechanical brakes and shifters.

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