Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing provides the opportunity to put some speed, excitement and competitive action into your life. One of the oldest adaptive sports wheelchair racing is the equivalent to any type of running event; road race or track.


A racing chair has three wheels and does not incorporate any gears, it must be operated solely by means of the athlete’s upper body strength. Parts can be customized to accommodate the athlete’s impairment and build, as long as they conform to the rules. The chair usually comes in a kneeling position or a somewhat seated position (less pressure on your knees than the kneeling position but more pressure than your standard wheelchair). Athletes used special rubber gloves or 3D printed handle/gloves to punch the push-rim to propel the chair.  

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Things to Know

  • Chair – finding a style chair that fits; kneeling or slighting sitting which depend on core and or upper body ability. 
  • Gloves – custom closed fit closed gloves or custom fit open gloves, all personal preference.

For more information please see Move United’s Youtube videos with top wheelchair racing athletes going over the basics.

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