The 25 Mile Loop

Our 25 mile route is the perfect combination of beauty and brevity for the casual and season cyclist alike. Riders begin with the pack then head north into the farmland of Waybridge and Waltham, VT. With an up-and-back section about 4 miles long (with the water stop at the turn-around point), riders get to enjoy some of the best views twice while seeing their fellow riders. The most popular route for handcyclists, you’re also sure to find some inspiration for the home stretch. Share the road with the 100 and 50 mile riders from the water/food stop all the way back to Middlebury, just in time for the festivities!

The 50 Mile Loop

This route has been touted as one of the most beautiful rides in Vermont. From Middlebury, the route begins with scenic farmlands rolling down to Lake Champlain’s waters edge. It continues alongside the lake, offering stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains on your left and the Green Mountains to your right. The water/food stop is located near the entrance to Button Bay State Park, off any busy roads and with a view of the lake, perfect for refueling and taking a breather! The ride finishes up through the rolling hills of Addison County and the gorgeous Morgan Horse Farm Road. The route is perfect for bikers of all levels and is sure to please the eye as well!

The 100 Mile Loop

Where the 50 milers turn south in Vergennes, VT, the 100 milers head north up into some of the most popular cycling roads of Chittenden County. At it’s northern edge the route skirts the grounds of Shelburne Museum then heads down to Lake Champlain in Charlotte, winding through covered bridges and low-lying farmland.

Not sure if you’re ready to complete the full 100 miles? We have you covered with 65 mile and 85 mile cutoff options. If you are feeling like you want to do more than 50 but not quite 100, one of these options may be just right for you.  When registering, please register for the 100 mile loop then just take the re-direct on ride day depending on how your day is going.