Course Route

Course Route

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The Kelly Brush Century Ride offers three distances, perfect for any
level rider.  Each is the same registration fee and if you sign up for
one but decide to do a different one before ride day, that’s fine too.
Please let us know if you do choose to change your distance, as we need
to keep track of where all the riders are on the big day.  You can
change your distance at anytime by contacting the Kelly Brush Foundation
office at 802-846-5298 or by emailing
[email protected].


25 Mile Loop 

Riders choosing our new 25 mile route will begin with the pack
and loop around to finish on the same course as the 50 and 100 milers
with a shorter distance to cover.  They will get a chance to ride some
of the most
beautiful route, ending back at the ride starting location, Middlebury
College’s Alumni Field, just in time for the festivities! Click
here for a Map
of this route.


100 Mile Loop!

The 100 mile riders
start with the 28 and 50 milers then head north at mile 35 for an
additional 50 mile loop which takes them through beautiful Charlotte and
Shelburne and back down to Middlebury for their Century Ride. Click
here for a Map
of this route.


The 50 mile loop!

Starting in Middlebury, VT and passing through Button Bay State Park
at approximately 28 miles, has been touted as one of the most beautiful
rides in Vermont.  The route begins with scenic farmlands rolling down
to Lake Champlain’s waters edge.  It continues alongside the lake,
offering stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains on your left and the
Green Mountains to your right.  The water/food stop, located at the
entrance to Button Bay State Park, is nicely secluded from busy roads
and proivdes a large grassy area for refueling and taking a breather!
The ride finishes up through the rolling hills of Addison County and the
gorgeous Morgan Horse Farm Road.  The route is perfect for bikers of
all levels and is sure to please the eye as well! Click here for a Map
of this route.


Not sure if you’re ready to complete the full 100 miles?

Not to worry we have incorporated a 65 mile and an 85 mile option
into this year’s ride.  If you are feeling like you want to do more than
50 but not quite 100, one of these options may be just right for you.
When registering, please register for the 100 mile loop then just take
the re-direct on ride day depending on how your day is going. Click here
for a Map of the 85 mile route
or the 65 mile route.


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