Adaptive Sports Equipment Grant Program


The Kelly Brush Foundation provides grants for individuals with paralysis to purchase adaptive sports equipment. We believe in the power of sport and recreation to foster inclusion and help develop confidence, independence and physical and mental strength, especially when experienced independently and on one’s own terms.

Before applying, read the “Guidelines & Requirements” and “Frequently Asked Questions” for eligibility and process.

Guidelines & Requirements    FAQs


2018 Spring Cycle Opens in January

Spring Cycle Deadline: March 31, 2018

 Spring Grant Cycle

Application Closed

Application Deadline: March 31, 2017

Awards Announced: early May 2017

Fall Grant Cycle

Application Now Open

Application Deadline: September 30, 2017

Awards Announced: Week of November 6


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Our Grants

We provide grants to purchase adaptive sports equipment for recreation and competition alike, with preference to those applicants who demonstrate a desire to achieve an active lifestyle but with financial limitations. We help break down the financial barrier to living an active lifestyle!


The most common pieces of equipment that we provide grants to purchase include:

  • Handcycles
  • Monoskis
  • Offroad Handcycles
  • Sport Chairs (Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, etc.)
  • Racing Chairs
  • Nordic Sit Skis
  • Many others!


Our grant applicants are nationwide. We have made grants to over 500 individuals in 47 states!

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Applicant Eligibility

  • Documented paralysis due to spinal cord injury (traumatic or other medical cause), spina bifida, transverse myelitis.
  • Reside in the United States.
  • Answer all application questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  • Submit application and all attachments by the deadline.


Eligible Equipment

We provide grants for sport and recreation equipment from the common (handcycles, monoskis, sport chairs, etc.) to the less typical (scuba equipment, bowling ramps, equestrian saddles, to name a few). If it helps you get physically active, we’ll consider any equipment application.

We do not accept applications for the following:

  • Non-adaptive sports equipment such as standard bicycles, skis/boots/poles, automotive equipment, etc.
  • Accessory upgrades (such as wheelsets)
  • FES equipment
  • Rio Mobility Firefly
  • Indoor exercise equipment such as trainers (for handcycles), gym equipment, stationary bikes or rowing machines
  • All other non-adaptive equipment

Preference is given to those applicants that are applying for their first piece of equipment for a particular sport or recreational activity. We still encourage those applying for equipment upgrades to apply and, depending on demand and available funding, such grants are commonly awarded.

Have questions? Please email [email protected]