“Inspire the KBF” Grant Challenge

Funding the best ideas from adaptive sports programs.

The Kelly Brush Foundation is holding a one-time grant challenge to help fund the biggest needs, best ideas, and most exciting innovations as identified by adaptive sports organizations around the country.

We will assess each application for the innovative approach, short-term feasibility, long-term sustainability, and direct impact on the spinal cord injury community.

Awards will range from $2,500 – $25,000.

Eligibility: Must be a 501(c)3 US Paralympic Sport Club or Disabled Sports USA chapter.

How it will work:

Step 1 – Letter of Intent (LOI) Submission – Deadline Friday, April 5

The LOI is available below. The application asks you to provide a basic summary of the project and its budget. Most importantly, we will ask you to focus on answering the question:

“How will this project help people develop a life-long passion for being active?”

We will select a limited number of LOIs to be invited to apply through the General Application. See more information below about exactly what we’re looking for.

All LOI applicants will be notified by Friday, May 3 whether they have been selected to apply.

LOI Deadline Friday, April 5

LOI submission deadline has passed

Step 2 – General Application – Deadline Friday, May 31

This will be a more involved application laying out the merits of the project and its impact on the SCI community. We will make award announcements by June 30, 2019 and intend applications and awards to be implemented by May 31, 2020, so please keep that in mind while applying. But if you have a moonshot idea that will take longer to implement, we’re willing to be inspired.

Why we’re doing this:

We’re interested in learning what programs wish they could be doing. Basically we want answers to the question “With some funding and support from the KBF, how would you improve the access to and quality of your programming for the SCI community?”

We don’t know the answers and aren’t even sure what will inspire us. But we can throw our support behind the ideas and people in adaptive sports programming that are thinking creatively and with an eye towards effectiveness and impact. We’ll fund the ideas or needs that most inspire us while relating to our mission “to inspire and empower people with paralysis to lead active and engaged lives.”

We love adaptive sports programs because our programsthe Active Fund and Path2Active Partnershipsfocus on helping people with paralysis purchase their own adaptive sports equipment. But our applicants typically come through adaptive sports programs first. Quite simply, the success of our programming depends on the success and effectiveness of adaptive sports programming. Together our goal is to eliminate the barriers to someone living their best active lifestyle.

We believe the adaptive sports community will improve as adaptive sports programs do more of the things they’ve always wanted to do and do more of the stuff they know works.

What we’re looking for:

We’re all about independent active lifestyles for people with SCI. Our favorite ideas will promote that. So please make that connection for us in your application.

While we’re encouraging innovative ideas and a little bit of risk-taking, it needs to be realistic and sustainable too. We’ll ask you about that in the application.


Have a question? Please reach out to Whitney at [email protected] or 802-846-5298.