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In Kelly’s Words – The Surprise Was More Fun For Me

Posted on December 10, 2017 to Blog

Although we’ve made grants to over 600 people with paralysis like me, a couple weeks ago we did something we’d never done before. We surprised a grant recipient with a […]

In Kelly’s Words – Why I love our partnership with the World Cup

Posted on November 12, 2017 to Blog

Ski racing was my first love. I loved it from when I was a little kid through racing at Middlebury and still today. Even in the days after my accident […]

kelly brush nascar

In Kelly’s Words – I got to drive a NASCAR car…

Posted on October 9, 2017 to Blog

I got to drive a race car! There are some things that I’ve always dreamed of doing. This wasn’t one of them! But some dreams find you. For the backstory: A few months ago Zeke and I got a text from Tom Carr, head of Therapeutic Recreation at Craig Hospital in Denver (where I went to rehab after my injury), asking if I wanted to come down to Dover, Delaware on September 28 to drive a NASCAR car.

In Kelly’s Words – A behind-the-scenes look at the Kelly Brush Ride

Posted on September 11, 2017 to Blog

  Have you ever thought about what it takes to put on an event like the Kelly Brush Ride? Since it has grown so organically over the last 12 years […]

In Kelly’s Words – Getting Offroad!

Posted on July 9, 2017 to Blog

  For someone in a wheelchair there is nothing more liberating than getting off the pavement and into the woods, fields, or mountains.   About a week ago I got […]

In Kelly’s Words – All about Dylan, my daughter

Posted on June 11, 2017 to Blog

  So Zeke, Dylan and I took a trip to California. Being out of our normal location and routine allowed me to appreciate Dylan’s changes and development in ways that […]

In Kelly’s Words – “Ask Kelly” Q&A

Posted on May 7, 2017 to Blog

Last week we held Inspire!Vermont and it was an amazing evening! It was a great group of people in the room, a lot of people we know and many new […]

In Kelly’s Words – Spring! The cure for cabin fever….

Posted on April 9, 2017 to Blog

  I’ve recently felt like I’ve had cabin fever. As the weather warms up, all I want to do is get outside! That’s not to say I haven’t been active […]

In Kelly’s Words – Skiing with Naomi (and flashbacks!)

Posted on March 12, 2017 to Blog

  Learning how to monoski is really hard. It’s a completely different feeling than skiing standing up. All the little adjustments that you make from core, to hips, to thighs, […]