Kelly Brush Century Ride. Caleb Kenna Photography

Zeke Davisson | Executive Director

Zeke took over running the Kelly Brush Foundation in November of 2014 after practicing as an attorney for 2 years. Zeke and Kelly began dating a year before her injury and have been a team ever since.

Elizabeth Langfeldt | Director of Operations

Elizabeth joined the Kelly Brush Foundation in January of 2015 as Director of Operations. A native of Ohio, Elizabeth now calls Vermont home with her husband, a native Vermonter, and their daughter.

Board of Directors

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Kelly Brush Davisson, President

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Mary Brush

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Laura Giebink

Rick Makin

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Don Rendall

Scott Willard

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Tom Getz

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Charlie Brush

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Mary Gale

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RB Klinkenberg

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Marilyn Reap

Bill Shearer

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Lindsay Brush Getz