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Kelly has seen adversity, and not only did she persevere, she thrived. Using her own experience as a framework (read her complete bio here), Kelly speaks to the power of resilience in all areas of our lives. She speaks about learning to use the keys to resilience which are both within us and outside of us. She also brings awareness to the societal assumptions and negative stereotypes that are still present about people with disabilities. Founding the Kelly Brush Foundation, Kelly channeled her love for being active into personal success and community advocacy.

Kelly challenges stereotypes and shares her own victories, promoting a reevaluation of perspectives on capabilities and potential. She is a beacon of hope, proving that limitations can be redefined, and inspiring audiences to overcome adversity in their own lives as well as reconsider their perceptions and work towards a world that embraces diversity.

Kelly would love to speak to businesses and teams who find her message inspiring and enlightening. Her talks can be tailored to match the goals and feel of each event.

Kelly does not charge for her public speaking appearances, though she does request an honorarium in the name of the Kelly Brush Foundation be considered.

See Kelly deliver a TEDx talk here.

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