Kelly was injured in 2006 after striking an unprotected lift tower in a FIS-sanctioned race. Since then, Kelly and the Kelly Brush Foundation have been committed to preventing any more injuries like hers.

We believe that the sport can eliminate serious injuries caused by striking stationary objects . The equipment and expertise exist. The only question is the whether stakeholders commit to that goal. We’re here to help. We provide safety equipment grants, advocate for safety awareness, and educate on proper safety practices. Since 2006 we’ve helped purchase thousands of rolls of b-net in every ski state in the US.

Safety Programming

Safety Equipment Grant Program

We help alpine ski clubs around the country purchase safety equipment like netting and padding. We also contribute to venue improvement initiatives. We provide funding during a once annual grant cycle conducted in the summer.

Summer 2021 Grant Cycle is Now Closed
Next Application Deadline: June 30, 2022

Stop the Bleed

We have partnered with the Davis family and the University of Vermont Medical Center on an initiative to provide life-saving bleeding control kits to programs and coaches through the United States. Jonathan Davis suffered a critical laceration from his ski edge after it released in a crash in 2018.

Alpine ski race clubs can request 2 free kits to be provided by the Kelly Brush Foundation. Click “Learn More” below to request kits.

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We partner with US Ski & Snowboard to create and sustain an Alpine Competition and Safety Consultant. This role is designed to provide education materials, clinics, and other opportunities to coaches, clubs, and programs around the country.

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We advocate for safety at various alpine ski races around the country, particularly the Killington World Cup. We also distribute a fun reminder of safety directly to every US Ski & Snowboard alpine club at the beginning of each season in the form of our “Ski Racing Safety is NO Accident” poster campaign.

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150 grants awarded

15 miles of b-netting

Every state with alpine skiing