Become a Volunteer

Want to support people who have suffered spinal cord injuries on their journey from injury to independence? There are plenty of ways you can change lives! We want to impact as many people as we can. To do that, we need your help! 

Here a just some of the ways we could use assistance:

Events – our biggest event is the Kelly Brush Ride, but we have other events, too. And we need volunteers to make them a success!

Outreach – help us get to know our grant recipients! We are looking for volunteers to do outreach to make sure our grant recipients received their grants, are able to get their equipment and what their plans are for using it.

Active Buddies – become an Active Buddy! Go for a ride, take a hike, play tennis! Sometimes our grant recipients are looking for people to be active with. Having someone to help transport equipment, supervise a transfer or bat a ball with can make all the difference.

Admin – from time to time, the lean, mean KBF team could use help with projects, like mailing, data entry or prepping for an event. If you’re up for this kind of work, by all means, let us know. Believe us, it does have an impact!