Greg – New York

About Greg

Age – 30

From – Long Island, NY

Occupation – Bank Analyst

Hobbies – Wakeboarding, boating, good wine and bourbon, being on the go

Level of Injury – T4 (from chest down)

Date of Injury – January 2009

Cause of Injury – Sledding accident

KBF Grant – Monoski and handcycle

image2What is something interesting about you?  I love attending sporting events. My 1a is hockey (NY Rangers) and my 1b is every other sport, even tennis, golf, soccer, MMA, just can’t get enough sports.

What does living an active lifestyle mean to you?  Everything, it’s one of my main passions. It’s that passion to engage yourself and push yourself to get out and go.

What is something people don’t know about living in a wheelchair?  I think it’s the little things a lot of the time that get overlooked. People always harp on the fact that you are unable to walk or stand up. We obviously can’t do that, but they don’t understand how challenging it is to physically just get up in the morning. Depending on your level of injury your core and trunk muscles may be nonexistent and just having to sit up is tough and then having no core stability once up and balancing. Transferring all the time people don’t realize that it takes a number on shoulders and the balancing act. Your wheelchair is your home base and it’s tough to move or do anything if you’re not in it.

Best experience using your monoski?  Every time I ski it’s the best experience, just going out with my friends and girlfriend and skiing. Although any chance I get to go out west crossing mountains off my bucket list is probably the best.

Best experience using your handcycle?  Completing Ironman Maryland and setting my personal best 112 mile pace. [Editors note: yep, he finished an Ironman….].

What has the KBF grant meant to you?  Those pieces of equipment have been life changing. I feel like that’s kind of what the whole grant process is about, helping people with SCI live an active lifestyle by just getting them out there and putting a smile on their face or helping someone achieve their goals. For me that was skiing anytime I want and completing an Ironman. Like I said, life changing and awesome!!

Final thoughts?  I like to say that I’m too lazy to bitch and moan (excuse my French), I’d rather be out having fun. I still and will stick by that, no fun to mope, way better to be out and about doing what you love or just having fun.

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