The Kelly Brush Foundation awarded $45,000 in Kelly Brush Inspiration Grants for adaptive sports equipment to recipients from Maine to California, Executive Director Joyce Wallace announced.

In all, 14 individuals from across the United States who are living with spinal cord injury (SCI) received grants for adaptive equipment including monoskis and handcyles.

“By providing individuals with adaptive sports equipment through Kelly Brush Inspiration Grants, the foundation significantly enhances the lives of those with spinal cord injuries enabling them to get back to the sport they love or to experience a form of recreation brand new to them,” Wallace said.

Grant recipients included Ben Hulin from Southbend, Ind. who suffered a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident. Hulin will use his award to purchase a mono-ski for teaching adaptive skiing at the National Ability Center in Park City Utah and to pursue his dream of alpine racing.

“Each year the Kelly Brush Foundation grows, we are able to make a positive difference in the lives of more people with spinal cord injuries,” said Charlie Brush, Foundation President and father of Kelly Brush.