Wow!  What a day!  The forecasted thunder, lightning, rain, and even tornadoes didn’t stop our supporters from coming out in droves on September 8th to support the Kelly Brush Foundation once again at the Century Ride.  The official count is still being tallied at the office and the donations are still coming in but it looks like we are close to last year’s numbers despite the worrisome weather forecast.   (Check back soon for final numbers and thanks again to all who support KBF!)

Special thanks go to all the riders and volunteers who came out in the wind to ride with us (88 to register that day and nearly all pre-registered riding!).  The weather held off until about 4:30 when we had to rescue a few cyclists from the end of the course just before lightning struck but the majority of people got to enjoy a beautiful day (if not a bit windy).

And when I got home after tearing down in the rain I was greeted by this amazing full rainbow – clearly the Kelly Brush Foundation does indeed bring good luck!

Full Rainbow after KBF Century Ride