Dear Kelly Brush Foundation,

Rick navigates some rugged terrain on his KBF funded "Bomber" off road handcycle

I will never be able to thank you enough!  You have no idea how much this has changed my life!  Thank you so very much.  I don’t know where to start – you people along with many others have helped me get back out and do what I love to do.  And that is to ride mountain bike trails.  I was able to go pick up my Bomber off-road handcycle on September 10th.  I was able to go to two events through TASP, an adaptive Sports Program out of Telluride, Colorado, after picking it up.  With help of scholarships I was able to ride with them in Fruita, Colorado and Moab, Utah.  Both were tent camping with accessible restrooms.  I am hoping to be able to do these and more in the future.  I love meeting and riding with other people with disabilities. The world has come a long way with the equipment to get us back to doing what we like to do.  I am trying to give back as in trying to get my bomber out and about for others to ride.  I have a lot of people stop and ask me about this bike which I love because a lot of them have family or friends that have a disability of some sort.  And this is one way I get the word out about life not being over after a bad injury/illness.  I want to thank Kelly and her family and all that make up the KBF.  You guys and gals are helping many people like myself get back out doing what we love to do!!

Thank you so very much.

Rick Marion

KBF grant recipient joins TASP group for off road handcycling trip to Moab, Utah