Tony Schmeissing, a recent KBF grant recipient, wrote this post on his blog about his gratitude toward the Kelly Brush Foundation for the award of his grant funding.  It’s really inspiring – thanks, Tony, for sharing!



While there is no shortage of stoke and gratitude captured on the above video (hell, even pushing half a mile in a cold December rain couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Though, in retrospect that wasn’t the wisest of moves), I do feel the need to further explain — albeit briefly — why these grants have meant so much to me beyond their financial support.

When I applied for these grants, I put my heart and soul into them as much as anything I’ve ever written. In a limited amount of space, I’ve tried to tell the story of who I am and how my goals and ambitions further paint the story of Tony Schmiesing. But more importantly than this, I’ve tried to paint a much bigger story… a collective story… a story that doesn’t begin or end with me.

Sounds hokey? To some, maybe. But it’s the truth, and I believe these foundations, through their awards, have been able to see this. I have no allusions that these grants were given generously to me, Tony Schmiesing (the berkeley ginger quadriplegic bi-skiier), but I also know they were done so because they see how I connect to, and can relatively influence, the bigger picture… and for this I couldn’t be more honored, stoked and endlessly grateful!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this mind blowingly beautiful life!

Big love.


– Tony

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Tony Schmeissing in Kelly Brush Foundation tshirtTony also shared this photo of him in his new KBF Century Ride t-shirt – thanks for sporting our look, Tony!

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