One of the requirements of the Kelly Brush Foundation Ski Racing Safety Grant program is that any courses awarded funding by the KBF be homologated.  This requirement has had the benefit of encouraging several mountains to go through the homologation process to make their courses safer for all racers.  We are encouraged by these developments and excited that our program has the dual effect of adding much needed netting and creating more homologated courses.  We recently recieved a thank you from a 2011 ski racing safety grant recipient – a club who was awarded KBF grant funding on the condition that their course become homologated.  This is their letter:

Dear KBF,

On behalf of the Auburn Ski Association we wish to thank the Kelly Brush Foundation for your very generous matching grant that allowed us to purchase safety netting for use in races at Lost Valley.  As a result of the grant process and your encouragement, two of our trails have been certified for homologation which will greatly enhance our race program.  The Kelly Brush Foundation  has made it possible for the Auburn Ski Association to offer a safer racing experience for our mostly young skiers, and we very much appreciate your patience as we fulfilled the requirements of the grant over the past year.  We prominently displayed the Kelly Brush Foundation banner in the local middle school cafeteria at our 49th annual ski swap in November when hundreds of people came through to purchase equipment.  Thanks again for the grant.

Sincerely,Auburn Ski Association