FB_IMG_1437673252033Dan, a 2014 KBF Grant Recipient, checked in with us about what his handcycle has meant to him and his family. These are the kind of unsolicited emails we love to get: “opened up all kinds of opportunities“, “involved with my children more“, “positive direction and outlet“. We’re always amazed at the power of sports and recreation to develop character and create happiness. Just get out there and have fun!

Dear Kelly Brush Foundation:

I am writing this to you as a formal THANK YOU for the grant that was provided in order for me to get a brand new handcycle. I have wanted to be able to get involved and become more physical. I really want to stay fit and active. This bike is amazing.  It has opened up all kinds of opportunities for me to get involved with my children in recreating, in the community and as an active and competitive athlete.

I recently rode this new handcycle in the Salt Lake City marathon. I met some amazing people there to include Olympic gold medalist Muffy Davis. Muffy also talks very highly of the Kelly Brush Foundation.

Thank you for helping increase the opportunities I have to be involved with my children more as well.  Whether it is riding on the handcycle, or watching as I train, all the way to the excitement they display when I come across the finish line at a marathon.  Your organization has helped enable me for so much with this new bike

What an amazing outlet the Kelly Brush Foundation has afforded me. I am coming up on two years post injury and love that I have something I can challenge myself in and stay active and healthy.

It is really hard to express in this letter how grateful I am for what a positive direction and outlet you have given. Thank you and God Bless.

– Dan