Liz (right), with two other first-time Kelly Brush Riders Carol and Mia.
Liz (right), with two other first-time Kelly Brush Riders, Carol and Mia.

First Time Kelly Brush Rider!

Liz is a new rider and team captain of a new Kelly Brush Century Ride team. She’s looking forward to seeing the scenery of Addison and Chittenden counties, excited to give back to the community and ready to do both with a great group of friends.

How were you introduced to the KBF? Through the “Safety is NO Accident” posters [a KBF Ski Racing Safety campaign] that are at Franconia Ski Club where my kids skied and around at other mountains. I wondered what the KBF was and finally one day went online and read Kelly’s story, watched the video and thought, “wow, why isn’t every parent of a ski racer involved in this organization?”

Why are you riding in the Kelly Brush Century Ride this year? Our family has benefited so much from the sport of ski racing, and the Kelly Brush Ride is a good opportunity to participate in a meaningful way to make ski racing a safer sport. I also can’t image not having that resource to be active, and helping people get back to an active lifestyle is something else I strongly believe in.

I’m excited to be with a great group of tremendously upbeat and motivated people. I’m nervous about hitting the full 100, but I think the energy and enthusiasm and the vibe will be so positive to carry me through if I’m struggling. I’m excited about the scenery (haven’t spent much time in that part of Vermont). And really excited for the post-ride hot tub soak!

Why the KBF? I went to Inspire!Boston in May and listened to your grant recipients. The stories are incredible. The guy that got to ski with his kids again [read Kevin’s story here], I mean, WOW! That was just incredible. Makes you put things in perspective when your cappuccino isn’t hot enough.

Ski racing is a sport that has been really transformative for our family. If there is something we can do to continue to further the safety and accessibility of that sport, I feel privileged to do that.