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Englewood, CO—Craig Hospital and the Kelly Brush Foundation announce a new partnership to provide much needed scholarship funds to help Craig Hospital graduates with spinal cord injuries continue to lead an active lifestyle. The scholarships will provide funding for adaptive sports and recreational equipment.

Craig Hospital is a nationally renowned rehabilitation hospital for people with spinal cord and brain injury. The Kelly Brush Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to incorporating sports and recreation into the lives of people with spinal cord injury, as well as preventing injuries in ski racing. Kelly Brush Davisson, for whom the Foundation is named, is a Craig Hospital graduate and has dedicated her life to helping others get back into active lifestyles after discovering the benefit of adaptive sports following her injury.

“Kelly has always been an athlete, and getting back to sports after her injury helped her feel like herself again,” said Zeke Davisson, Executive Director of the Kelly Brush Foundation, “she wanted to help others get back to doing what they love.”

The “Granting Independence” SCI Adaptive Equipment Scholarship was introduced this year. Craig Hospital and the Kelly Brush Foundation are proud to announce six recipients will receive scholarships for adaptive equipment this October. The total scholarship amount is $10,000.

“Sport and recreation can help develop confidence, independence and strength—both physical and emotional. At Craig Hospital we often see the barrier to participation is the ability to afford the piece of equipment,” said Tom Carr, Director of Therapeutic Recreation for Craig Hospital.

Adaptive sports equipment, like handcycles or monoskis, is often too expensive for someone facing medical bills after a catastrophic injury. Costs for adaptive equipment typically starts at $3,000.

Recreation is an important part of daily life and helps many people after a spinal cord or brain injury adjust to their “new normal.”

Craig Hospital also offers an adaptive equipment scholarship for Craig Hospital graduates with traumatic brain injury. All Craig Hospital graduates interested in incorporating sports and recreation into their daily lives are encouraged to apply. Applications deadlines for the next scholarship period end September 15, 2016.

Watch Craig grad Amber’s story about how the Kelly Brush Foundation changed her life: