– 2015 Grant Cycle our Biggest Ever! –

As of the deadline on September 30, 2015, the Kelly Brush Foundation had received grant applications totaling $837,000, making this by far our greatest grant demand ever! That is up from $550,000 in 2014 and $375,000 in 2013, more than doubling in 2 years.

We provide grants for two sets of applicants:

  1. Adaptive Sports Equipment – For people with paralysis that want to experience the joy of sports and recreation and define their own active lifestyles. Learn More >>
  2. Ski Racing Safety – For alpine ski clubs that share our commitment to improving safety for their athletes. Learn More >>

The Kelly Brush Foundation Grant Committee is meeting this fall to determine awards. We’re excited that word about our grant programs is spreading so fast and it reaffirms our plans to grow and serve these communities.

“It shows me that our mission is important and there’s a huge demand for what we’re doing. We need to make some tough choices, but it really motivates us to get out there, spread the word, and continue to raise as much money as possible!”

Kelly Brush 

Stay tuned as we make announcements this November and help improve and protect as many lives as possible!