2015-09-12 09.23.59Thanks to you it has been a great year!

Today and everyday we have a lot to be thankful for, especially this past year. Building off the success of the Kelly Brush Ride and a growing demand for our grant programs, Zeke took over full time and Kelly doubled down on her drive to inspire others. Today, we’re proud to be growing and growing quickly!

  1. We’re thankful for YOU. Whether large or small, your contributions of time, money, and encouragement are the fuel the keeps us going! We simply wouldn’t be making the impact we are without you.
  2. We’re thankful for sports. Sports bring joy, challenge, accomplishment, and health. Sports can give freedom, independence, and confidence. And of course sports are fun!
  3. We’re thankful for our grant recipients. Their stories inspire us to live life to the fullest, appreciate what we have, and make the most of it. They remind us of the power of sports and encourage us to work harder to bring that impact to many more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Go eat and play!