Travis – 2015 KBF Grant Recipient

Travis shares what riding in the Kelly Brush Ride means to him.

Growing up on a farm I always loved being outside. I used to careen around our hay fields in my electric wheelchair, breaking it rather regularly and constantly tracking in mud and dirt. Thanks to the Kelly Brush Family I can rekindle that love for the outdoors.

I recently opened up a big ol’ box containing my new Force 3, acquired thanks in part to a Kelly Brush Foundation Grant. I don’t plan on breaking down too much, but I’ve been hitting local dirt trails often so we shall see what happens!

I can’t wait for the Kelly Ride this year, and I know it’ll be a huge success. Anyone who wants to get outside and be active deserves the opportunity to do so. The contributions gained through the Kelly Brush Ride allow this to happen, and have allowed me to do the same. Thank you Kelly Brush Family!

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