Kelly Brush Foundation Bike Ride 09/10/16What a day! Once again we had an amazing Kelly Brush Ride, with great weather and hundreds of loyal riders, volunteers, and supporters! So here are the numbers:

  • 700 Riders including 25 handcyclists
  • $425,000 raised and we expect more to trickle in this week

One of my favorite parts of the day each year is the handcycle start. We have all of the handcyclists together (except those that are going for 100 or 50 miles, who start earlier), we leave the start together and we get to go out onto the route together. It is fun to see so many adaptive athletes together. About 10 of the handcyclists are using handcycles that were purchased by the KBF, and a number of other riders received grants from the KBF for other sports equipment. It really makes it feel full circle and reminds us why we raise the money.

20160910_vtkellybrushride-108One other part of the ride that I love is the eclectic group that comes out to support me and ride. There is someone from probably every time in my life that comes each year and it’s amazing to see everyone. The mom of my best friend in preschool has come to the ride every year. I have friends and parents of friends from high school, college, and graduate school that are there each year. My grandfather comes each year – and rides! – and he’s 86! There are countless people from the ski industry, including many ski academies. There were people there from at least 4 different adaptive sports programs, including as far away as Colorado.

On top of all of these people, there is a huge number of people who do the ride for some other reason than a connection with me – they heard it was a great ride, they like the cause, it’s a nice area to ride, and who knows what other reasons! The support from all riders, volunteers, and supporter is incredible!

It is always a lot to plan and there are little (and sometime big) glitches that come up (the road construction was a big glitch this year!), but it is always worth it. Regardless of the money raised, the day of the Kelly Brush Ride is just fun! Can’t wait for next year!! (September 9th, 2017)

Dylan update:

The Kelly Brush Foundation benefit bike ride in Middlebury on Saturday morning September 10, 2016 in Middlebury, Vermont.

Dylan started daycare last week! Since I’ll be going back to work as a Nurse Practitioner on Sept. 19th we decided to start daycare a couple weeks early to get her used to it and to give us some more time the week before the ride. While it was really hard to leave her there the first day (I cried, Zeke said he knew I would), she seems to have done well and it didn’t mess up her routine too much which I have heard can happen. All in all, it was a good experience.

Dylan continues to do well now that she’s taking a bottle instead of nursing. She’s gaining weight better (she has jumped up to the 7th percentile from the 2nd!) and she seems happier. We have tried some solid foods with her, but she’s not that fond of it and mostly cries. It was pretty funny watching her try for the first time though! We’ll give her a little break and try again this week. I’m excited to start different foods and see what she does and does not like – another fun new chapter!