Rider fundraising is what allows us to make inspiring stories happen. Period.


More accurately, you are making these stories happen. It’s what allows people with paralysis to achieve active lifestyles. It’s what keeps thousands of ski racers around the country safe.

We don’t have fundraising minimums, which is somewhat unique for an event of this size. Other large regional charity events, like the Boston Marathon, Pan Mass Challenge, or The Prouty, all have fundraising minimums. Instead, we see it as our job at the KBF to inspire people to fundraise, either with stories of impact, with fundraising incentive prizes, or by catering to your competitive spirit.

Traditionally about 30% of our riders fundraise, which accounts for 65% of the proceeds of the Kelly Brush Ride. We work 12 months a year to court sponsors, sell jerseys and raffle tickets, and get people to register for the ride. But our riders are TWICE as effective as we are!


My goal is to get 50% of riders fundraising in 2017. This is ambitious, but so is our $500,000 goal. I need your help!

We cannot keep up with the growing demand for our program services. While we’re growing revenue 30+% each year, demand is doubling. In fact, we were able to fund less than half of the requests made to us in 2016 (and we funded double what we did the year before!). It feels better to say YES than to say NO. Please help us do that!

We are aware that a $150 registration fee is no small ask, and $100 of that fee goes to our mission. But the average fundraiser raises more than $700, and we find that if someone is able to register $50, they’re probably going to raise much more.

If you’re new to this or looking for a way to get started, please watch the quick tutorial I put together on how to share your fundraising page. Then share broadly!

2 Easy Ways to Get Started:

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Here are a few stats to keep in mind:

  • 4 – The average number of contacts (emails, social media views, calls, etc) before someone gives. So don’t get discouraged.
  • 50% – of all fundraising happens in the last week. Urgency works!
  • 100% – The amount of your fundraising that will go directly to help our grant recipients THIS FALL!