Mikaela approaching the finish in Run 2 of the Slalom (see full photo and video galleries below)

The Kelly Brush Foundation had two main goals and two big hopes for the Killington World Cup:

  • Goal 1: Talk about safety. Encourage everyone to take note of safety in action and bring lessons back to their home hill this season: ✔


  • Goal 2: Throw an awesome apres that brought nearly 1,000 people from the eastern ski racing community together: ✔


  • Hope 1: Killington, the organizing committee, and all the volunteers host a world class World Cup: ✔


  • Hope 2: Mikaela wins the slalom: ✔

But now the real work starts! Our first goal was to further the conversation about safety. Now we need to execute. Especially after a recent high-profile tragedy in the sport (see KBF message to ski community), now is the time to take every lesson we can about safety and make tangible improvements this season. Please join us in the conversation and help improve safety, it is everyone’s responsibility.

There are two ways you can help today:

  • 1. Please consider making a gift by the end of #GivingTuesday on Nov. 28 (link to give). It will be matched up to $10,000 today and tomorrow only!
  • 2. Look for the “Ski Racing Safety is NO Accident” poster that your local race club will be receiving THIS WEEK (Link to 2017 Ski Racing Safety Poster)! If you don’t see it on the wall at your local program, ask them why not!


Again, thank you to everyone in the ski racing community for the support of Kelly and the KBF. Thank you to Killington for the great event. Thank you for all the news channels, organizers, and individuals that helped spread our message.

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