“My equipment has given me more than a tool to exercise- It has catapulted my independence and confidence, transforming my perspective into possibilities.”

The KBF knows how important community and a sense of togetherness is. Research shows that people with SCI have better outcomes with a support system, and we want to be that support system for those who need us. As we continually strive to make our programs the most effective, personal, and useful to our SCI community, we need to know what is working well and if there are any barriers to meeting our mission. 

At the time of their award, all grant recipients are asked to complete a survey so we can learn about their current relationship with sports and recreation, their physical and emotional health, quality of life, and perception of community. A year later, we are following up with another survey, Follow-Up: After the Active Fund, so we can understand how owning adaptive sports equipment has impacted each of those aspects of their lives. 

Comparing this follow-up survey to our original, we hope that the results’ change over time will provide us useful information on the impact adaptive sports equipment has on our community. Additionally, testimonials such as the ones featured below help our supporters at KBF events know that their support is making an impact on our community. 

Have you had your grant-supported equipment for at least 1 year? If so, we would love a few minutes of your time to complete our follow-up survey.

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“Over the last year and a half, I’ve had many surgeries. My new race chair was always waiting for me. It provided clarity of thought through exercise. If I didn’t have it, I could see myself drifting down a bad hole of depression. I am extremely grateful for it!”

“When I ride my bike I forget about paralysis and disability. I feel great.”

“Being able to train on better and properly fitted equipment has significantly reduced shoulder pain and as such helped tremendously with ADLs as well as improving my wheelchair tennis performance.”