Path2Active Application

All Craig Hospital SCI graduates residing in the US are eligible to apply for a Craig/KBF Path2Active Grant. Applications will be considered monthly, with the deadline for review falling on the 15th of each month. Applications will be reviewed the last week of the month and results communicated directly with applicants shortly afterward.

The review committee–which is comprised of Craig Hospital and KBF staff–will only consider applications that are complete at each monthly deadline and which are eligible for a Path2Active grant.

The Guidelines linked below should be referenced regarding equipment eligibility. Any graduate from Craig Hospital with an SCI residing in the US is eligible to apply.


Please reach out with any questions to Donna Goldberg at or Greg Durso at

Disclaimer: Your full application will be shared with the Craig Hospital Adaptive Equipment Scholarship Committee and the Craig Hospital Foundation, which partners to fund Craig graduate SCI and TBI equipment scholarships

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