Full Application Submisson "Inspire the KBF" Challenge

Deadline: Friday, May 31


We liked what we heard in your LOI and are excited to read your pitch and learn more. We received more than 50 LOIs totalling more than $940,000 and are inviting 26 programs collectively requesting more than $400,000 to submit full applications.

A few requests before you start (PLEASE READ):

  • We are already fully bought into the benefits of an active lifestyle, so no need to convince us of that. Focus on how your project is an innovative and impactful way to do that.
  • While our mission is specific to SCI, your program doesn’t need to be. We’ll consider how many people with SCI you already serve or are planning to serve, but that’s just one data point for us.
  • Our motivation for offering this grant opportunity is to look for innovative ideas. Please focus on why your innovation will achieve your program goals and help people gain access to and/or independently live their best active lifestyles.
  • Our budget is $100,000. Which is going to make this tough for us because we are inviting programs requesting a total of more than $400,000 to apply. We included a question in the application about being willing to accept less than the originally requested amount. Be honest. Say yes would likely increase the likelihood of receiving something, but we’re offering this challenge to fund projects that need to happen at a level required to make them happen.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions to Whitney (whitney@kellybrushfoundation.org) and Greg (greg@kellybrushfoundation.org).

Get Started: