KBF Scholarships

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Getting back into sports after an injury can be challenging. The KBF’s scholarships provide financial support to individuals who want to try a new sport, test out a piece of equipment, or build skills by attending camps, clinics, or other adaptive sports programs. If this is you, apply for up to $500 to get started on your active journey!

Scholarships can be used to:

  • Try new sports and recreation experiences (camps/clinics)
  • Gain more experience in a sport that you are a beginner at
  • Want further instruction or supervised experience to become independent using new equipment that you already own
  • Test different types of equipment before purchasing or applying for a grant

Scholarship funds cover:

  • Direct costs for any of the above eligible programs, including:
    • Program, camp, or clinic fees
    • Travel (gas/train/air) and lodging (hotel) 
    • Equipment rentals
  • Funds will be distributed directly to the adaptive sports program for program or equipment fees; and/or to individuals for travel and lodging after completion of the activity upon review of receipts


  • SCI: Individuals with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury who reside in the US
  • Any one of the following:
    • Individuals who are looking to get active for the first time 
    • Individuals who want to gain more experience in a specific sport or to try new sports
    • Individuals who have equipment but are not yet independent in the sport and want further instruction or supervised experience
    • Individuals looking to test different types of equipment before purchasing or applying for a grant

If you need help finding a program/place/club to figure out where to go or the activities you want to participate in check out the Active Project.

Scholarships cannot be used for:

  • Therapy needs 
  • Competition expenses
  • Travel to obtain lessons or test equipment through peers or individuals not affiliated with a formal adaptive sports program/organization
  • Food
  • Events that have already taken place

How to apply & What to expect:

See the Scholarship Guidelines for full details.

Start your application using the button below.

In your application, you will be asked to provide:

  • Proof of Paralysis (i.e. note from physician)
  • Budget – Program fees/quote and or estimated travel expenses
  • Financial Documentation (SSI, tax return, or similar)

Fill out the application, submit it, and confirm that you’ve received an automated email notification of your submission.

We will review your application and inform you of the decision within 4 weeks. 

If approved, funds for program fees will be disbursed directly to the program, and any funds allocated to travel and lodging expenses will reimbursed to the recipient upon providing receipts.

If awarded, please share your experience by:

  • Providing pictures/videos we can share with our community from the experience
  • Write a brief blog-style review about the experience (at least 1 paragraph)

And, when you’re ready, apply to the Active Fund so you can get out and be active with your own equipment