Thank You – We Raised Over $104,000!

We had a fantastic time during KBF Live! Thank you very much for joining us and making the evening incredibly special for the Kelly Brush Foundation. We wanted to share a few updates with you:

  • KBF Live has helped raise over $104,000! Thanks to you and your generosity, we will be announcing our largest grant class in KBF history this week – 115 new grant recipients will receive a total of $350,000 in funding to purchase the adaptive sports equipment they need to thrive.
  • As promised, Ram’s Gate Winery and Carolynn Pallo will be providing a gift to the two donors who made the largest donations in October after KBF Live. A special thank you to Jeff & Jana Schmidt and Pete & Marjorie Scott who are the recipients!

We are inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of all who joined us. 2020 has been an unexpected year, but we are humbled and grateful by your energy and contributions.

Below are some additional details and links to revisit portions of KBF Live. If you have any questions for Kelly or the Kelly Brush Foundation team, please contact Cheryl Brodowski at or (860) 461-6240.


Ram’s Gate Winery Promo Code

Use code “KBF” for a 10% discount on wine purchases or for a Ram’s Gate Winery wine club membership. In addition to the wine tasting video shown during KBF Live, Ram’s Gate Executive Chef Stacy Combs also prepared a full cooking demonstration for the recipe received in your virtual tasting kit.

For any further information, contact Carolynn Pallo at or (707) 721-8789.


Adaptive Sports Equipment Costs

Because every piece of equipment is custom built and designed based on injury level, user size, and mobility capabilities, the price tags are high. Here are some examples of equipment and their average costs:

$1,000 = Hockey Sled
$2,000 = Sports Chair (basketball, tennis)
$2,500 = Entry level Handcycle
$4,000 = All-Terrain Chair
$5,000 = Performance Handcycle
$7,000 = Monoski
$8,000 = Rugby Chair
$10,000+ = Offroad Handcycle


KBF Live Videos 

If you’d like to revisit any portion of KBF Live, watch the full video here:

Or the Steve Lau and Jonny Moseley interviews here: