Thank you for joining KBF Live Northeast!

We had a fantastic time during KBF Live Northeast! Thank you very much for joining us and making the evening incredible special for the Kelly Brush Foundation. We wanted to share a few updates with you:

KBF Live Northeast has helped raise over $282,657 and counting! Over 450 guests joined from 302 households throughout the evening. Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to provide even more people in the spinal cord injury community grants for the adaptive equipment that they need to get out and be active.

Congratulations to our WhistlePig winners!
Michele Asch
Ali Kavanaugh
Rob Laible
Shawn & Anne Mato
Thomas Platt
Tim Stenovec
Greg Traynor
Steve Van der Zwan
Alexandra Wiberg

We are inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of all who joined us. Below are some additional details and links to revisit portions of KBF Live Northeast. If you have any questions for Kelly or the Kelly Brush Foundation team, please contact Colleen Brickley at [email protected] or (802) 846-5298.

KBF Live Northeast Videos

We hope you enjoyed connecting with some members of our incredible KBF Grant Recipient Community. You can check out some of their breakout sessions here.

You can also check out Edie’s story, Kelly and Edie’s conversation, and our conversation with Raelyn here:



If you’d like to revisit any portion of KBF Live, watch the full video here:

About the Kelly Brush Foundation

An active lifestyle fuels a healthy body and mind, allowing us to be the most full version of ourselves. For those who have experienced a spinal cord injury, being active can feel out of reach. The obstacles are real: physical, financial and even the belief that it is possible. The Kelly Brush Foundation (KBF) is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality, and uses  sports and recreation to help people who have experienced a spinal cord injury in their journey from injury to independence.


Adaptive Sports Equipment Costs

Because every piece of equipment is custom built and designed based on injury level, user size, and mobility capabilities, the price tags are high. Here are some examples of equipment and their average costs:
$1,000 = Hockey Sled
$2,000 = Sports Chair (basketball, tennis)
$2,500 = Entry level Handcycle
$4,000 = All-Terrain Chair
$5,000 = Performance Handcycle
$7,000 = Monoski
$8,000 = Rugby Chair
$10,000+ = Offroad Handcycle

Thank You Sponsors

Adage Capital Management
Skip McKee & Meg Reynolds
Hercules Capital, Inc.
The New Balance Foundation
Ian & Anne Sanderson
Biria & Elaina St. John
Wolverine Worldwide
Jeff & Missy Barlow
Canaccord Genuity
David & Mia Fitzgerald
Tom & Kerri Gillis
Gunderson Dettmer
Lisa & Al Hanmer
Silicon Valley Bank
Kelly Brush & Zeke Davisson
Lawrence Curtis
Paul & Kerrie McGann | Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty
David Hanson & Laura Palumbo-Hanson
Green Mountain Valley School
Peg & Ter’s
Sugarbush Resort

Host Committee

Steve Baker
Lucy Ball
Missy & Jeff Barlow
Grace Macomber Bird & Jerry Bird
Meredith Bird
JB Clancy
Michaela Colbert
Jeff Dorsheimer
Kelly Gross & Alec Douglas
Sophie Elgort
David Fitzgerald
Mattie Ford DiNapoli
Tom Gillis
Lisa Hanmer
Laura Palumbo-Hanson & David Hanson
Alison Kavanaugh
Cynthia Kempner
Sam Macomber
Laney & Rick Makin
Meg Reynolds & Skip McKee
Jeff Murphy
Rachel Peabody
Ian Sanderson
Mimi & Marc Tabah