Bleeding Control Kits

Request up to 2 free kits for your alpine ski race program

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The Kelly Brush Foundation is partnering with the Davis family and the national Stop the Bleed campaign to distributing life-saving bleeding control kits to alpine ski programs around the country as well as provide training to coaches and volunteers.

If you have any questions about the bleeding control kits, the national Stop the Bleed campaign, or training opportunities, please email Zeke Davisson at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE – Only alpine ski racing programs can request free kits from the Kelly Brush Foundation.

Bleeding Control Kit Request Form

  • Please list the name of the alpine ski racing program or club you are requesting the Bleeding Control Kit for.
  • What is your title or role with the requesting program?
    If you would like to order additional kits, we will soon be able to provide a link to purchase at our cost. Please be patient and check back soon.