The legacy and work of the Kelly Brush Foundation goes way beyond the initial funding of a monoski or handcycle.  By funding these pieces of equipment for individuals living with a spinal cord injury the Foundation is enhancing their lives in a way that most people take for granted.  This is evident when we hear back from past year grant recipients and hear how they are still enjoying their equipment and their lives even more because of it.  We recently received such a note from Faylis Ward, a 76-year old monoskier who received her grant last year from the Kelly Brush Foundation.  Faylis writes:

Faylis Ward on her KBF Monoski
Faylis Ward on her KBF Monoski

Dear Kelly Brush Foundation,

Just wanted to thank you once again for helping me to acquire a monoski.  I am now 76 years on this planet.  Last ski season I was able to ski 39 times with the help of my family.  After the lifts closed my son brought me up to the 12,000 foot Independence Pass just out of Aspen, Colorado.  Pushed me up the snowy slope so I could ski down.  Once on June 30th and once on July 5th.  It’s hard to believe the happy feeling I experience on each ski day.  My senior years are so much fun.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Waiting for ski season,
Faylis Ward

We say, “Thank you, Faylis!” for sharing with us how the grant you received from the Kelly Brush Foundation has impacted your life.  We hope to see you on the slopes some day!