The Kelly Brush Foundation has made a change to the eligibility requirements for receiving an Active Fund grant.

Beginning in 2018, we have decided to focus eligibility for our grant program to paralysis caused by spinal cord injury only. For the past 2 years, anyone with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury, spina bifida, or transverse myelitis have been eligible to apply. This was not an easy decision.

Over the last 3 years, demand for our grant programs has grown far faster than we expected. While we’ve nearly doubled our fundraising in the past 2 years, applications to the Active Fund have more than quadrupled. We were giving smaller and smaller partial grants in order to give something to everyone that we thought was deserving. We felt that in order to continue to make a meaningful impact through our programming, we needed to limit the scope of who is eligible. For these reasons, we decided to limit the coming grant cycle and those in the foreseeable future to paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries only.

If you have any questions about the change, please reach out directly to Zeke Davisson, our Executive Director, at [email protected].