A note from Zeke, our Executive Director:

Over my 6 years as Executive Director, the Kelly Brush Foundation has grown from a single event—the Kelly Brush Ride—into a mission-oriented leader in the spinal cord injury community; from a family-run operation into a sustainable, nationally-recognized non-profit organization. The KBF has more than tripled in size and achieved the financial security to commit energy to innovative programming. We have thrived through COVID-19, positioning us for exciting future growth.

Between now and the end of the year, the KBF will be looking for a new Executive Director to lead the next phase of growth and impact. In early 2021 I’ll be transitioning to the Board and starting a new professional chapter in my life.

The incredible KBF Team, May 2019

My biggest source of pride is the incredible team we have assembled at the KBF. Together we have built impactful programs, operations, and relationships. We have a strong, engaged Board that provides insight, perspective, and advice. We have incredible advisors, committee members, and community ambassadors that add their passion and personality to the core message and meaning of the KBF.

And of course, Kelly is the rock. Her spirit, grace, leadership, and commitment will continue to guide the KBF. We’ve built off her experience and assembled a community of great people who can provide inspirational examples of life’s potential after a spinal cord injury.

I’ll be an active Board member, a reliable sounding-board, and the biggest advocate for all things KBF. As I clarified for my closest group of friends in telling them about my transition: (i) no, my wife did not fire me, (ii) yes, I will still be fundraising for the KBF…. a lot…. and (iii) yes, I’ll continue to bend their ears with stories of resilience, overcoming, and just plain radness of the people in the KBF community.

The Board of Directors, staff, Kelly, and I are working with a search firm to find the next great leader of the KBF. We will post the opportunity soon.

Thank you for your support of the KBF and continued commitment to our mission and the community we serve. Our mission is clear and vital and I look forward to what we’ll achieve together in the next 6 years and beyond!

– Zeke Davisson

ps. Have a thought, question, or new ED lead for us? Feel free to email me: zeke@kellybrushfoundation.org.