We don’t always get to share the voices behind the KBF team, so for this month’s blog, we wanted to hear some of the amazing perspectives from our office.

Read on to hear people’s favorite moments, things they learned, and what they are most excited about in 2022. Some are fun, some are serious, and hopefully, they all give a little window into the personalities of our amazing little team.

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If you could find one word to describe 2022 for the KBF, what would it be and why?

  • Edie, Executive Director: Teamwork. From the staff to the Board, to our incredible supporters and the SCI community, we came together and rallied for our mission and put forth the biggest impact to date. Love you all!
  • Cheryl, Sr. Director Development & Operations: Momentous. The KBF hosted or co-hosted four adaptive sports camps, launched the new version of the Active Project, and rolled out Path2Active scholarships in a meaningful way, while also awarding over $1M in Active Fund adaptive sports equipment grants. We really got our footing on a lot of “new” programs, which will springboard us into reaching and helping more people with SCI than ever before in 2023 and beyond. Oh, and we also raised more money than ever before too, specifically over $1M at the Kelly Brush Ride. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a momentous year!
  • Jessica, Administrative Coordinator: AMAZING.  I spent so much of the past year in awe and amazement at the generosity of our donors, the resilience of our grantees, the devotion of our volunteers, and the brilliance of our staff who each contribute so much of themselves to the mission of the KBF.  
  • Kelly: Growth. In everything that we did this year we focused on our growth, from the KBF team to the Kelly Brush Ride raising $1,000,000, to the Active Fund giving away $1,000,000, to doing a new 5-year strategic plan, to establishing an endowment, growth was part of every conversation. 
  • Bruce, Sr. Director Marketing & Digital Programs: Whirlwind. Even in January, it felt like we instantly hit the ground running and started accomplishing really exciting things. From breaking records to piloting fantastic new programs, we never had a shortage of stuff to talk about and celebrate.

What was your favorite moment this year?

  • Kelly: The Kelly Brush Ride. It is almost always one of my favorite days of the year, but this year was extra special because we were shooting for, and hit the $1,000,000 mark. It is just incredible the community that shows up to support the ride year after year (and many for the first time as well) and the impact we have on the SCI community that comes from that support.
  • Bruce, Sr. Director Marketing & Digital Programs: Our first look at the beta of the new Active Project. After over a year workshopping and ideating, to finally see a map, videos, and info all coming together was extremely exciting.
  • Cheryl, Sr. Director Development & Operations:  My favorite moment of the year was when we surprised Jillian with her grant for a monoski on stage at Inspire Boston. She is such a wonderful, deserving person that the KBF has gotten to know over the years and at our inaugural aMTB Camp, and I’m so happy she’ll be a skier now too. Plus, she recently moved to Colorado so that monoski will be getting a lot of use!
  • Greg, Program Director: The minute we gave out a million dollars in grants for the first time changing those individuals with an SCI looking to get active lives forever.
  • Jessica, Administrative Coordinator: InspireBoston was my first in-person (nonride) KBF event and left a huge impression on me!  Being in that room filled with supporters, grant recipients, and community members all enjoying each other’s company and celebrating our mission was tremendous.  Plus seeing Greg’s incredible dance moves!!!

What is something new you learned this year?

  • Greg, Program Director: I learned that you can’t ask for your burger medium rare in Canada.
  • Jane, Events & Development Manager: How to choose my line when mountain biking and to lean!
  • Edie, Executive Director: I learned what mud season is.
  • Bruce, Sr. Director Marketing & Digital Programs: That handcyclists near Saguaro, AZ have to dodge giant green caterpillars by the millions in August.
  • Sarah, Marketing Manager: I learned how to mountain bike for the very first time at the KBF Mtn Bike Camp! Ready for dirt surfing season to come back to continue to ride (but not before a full ski season is over – fingers crossed for more powder!)

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

  • Greg, Program Director: I am looking forward to putting on so many more camps, and events, and traveling with the KBF to meet and bring our Team KBF community closer…Lets goo!
  • Jane, Events & Development Manager: More community, more rides, more learning, and more terrifying laughter as I try to keep up with Greg on the mountain!
  • Cheryl, Sr. Director Development & Operations: I’m looking forward to building our KBF community in new regions. There are so many KBF grant recipients, volunteers, supporters, and partner organizations across the country, and it’s really exciting to gather together – from east to west, north to south, and everywhere in between – to celebrate our shared passion for an active and engaged lifestyle. 
  • Kelly: Skiing, mountain biking, and doing all sorts of activities with the entire KBF community. Getting outside and being active is my favorite way to connect with others so I’m excited to do this with as many people and in as many locations as possible this year! 
  • Sarah, Marketing Manager: I’m looking forward to meeting more people in the KBF community, finding ways to reach future members, and sharing more fun adventures with the team.